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Top 15 Images from 2020

This time last year I was hopeful and so excited for 2020. We were still new to Hampton Roads, but I had new friends and local doulas who were so incredibly inviting and friendly. I was ready to tackle whatever got thrown my way. The year started off doula and photo clients filling my calendar, fun dates with my husband, quality time with my kids at the children's museum. It was amazing, until it wasn't and everything we all knew went crashing down with a global pandemic. As I sit here, bathing my kids, getting them ready for bed (because they won't be making it to midnight), I can't help but be grateful for the families I did get to support, photograph, and meet. I am once again hopeful. Hoping for a better year in 2021. More growth in business, in my friendships, in my family, and absolutely adding more self care!!

Here are 10 of my favorite images from each session that I took this year....

Coming up on this little guys first birthday soon and I absolutely love the grip he's got on his dads finger. Moments after birth and witnessing this father/son connection is everything! I love capturing moments like this.

This sweet mama was my 3rd client during lockdown. What was supposed to be doula and golden hour photos turned into a parking lot birth and swapping out with his other mama to take photos 9 hours after birth. His sweet face is adorable!

Ending my year with a repeat client/friend....I loved her idea of holding the newborn photo I took last year! It seems crazy to me that a year has passed. I'm sure everyone can agree that time flew. It almost feels like I got nothing accomplished this year. But then I look at all these images. I did do a great deal of work and I am proud of myself!

Here is to a better year....Happy New Year and BRING IT ON 2021!!!

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