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                                        sessions are as unique as your family, because they can be anything you consider momentous or photo worthy. Whether it is your baby sitting, their first steps, last breastfeeding session, a mommy & me, milk bath, first birthday,  Let's be real here for a minute, time doesn't slow down for us. And when we leave this earth, shouldn't we leave behind proof that we had a life full of experiences and moments with our loved ones? The answer is YES! 


Life can be crazy and so busy, trust me I get it! Don't forget to photograph your                              as they are at that moment in time because they are only little for so long. These aren't your average posed, smile at the camera type of photos. I strive for fun, adventure, laughter, play, emotion, and magical moments between each member of your family. 

Breastfeeding | Milk bath | First birthday | Cake smash | Family

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