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Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is an important part of your pregnancy. Your body grew it from nothing, then it protected and nourished your baby! Women across the world have reported many benefits from consuming their placenta. These benefits may include increased milk production, improved postpartum mood, faster recovery, and a better 4th trimester experience. 

I offer traditional method, which is done in your home over the course of 2 days. Your partner or designated placenta person will bring it to your home and place in your fridge. When I am informed that you have had your baby, we figure out a good time (within 3 days of birth) for me to come to your home and start the process. So this means your placenta doesn't leave your side and your kitchen and sink will be completely cleaned and disinfected before and after I finish! The fee includes pills, placenta print, and cord keepsake. Placenta healing salve and tincture can be added for an additional $25 each.


Placenta Encapsulation is the process of cleaning, dehydrating, and powdering a mother's placenta. The powder is placed into gel-caps, allowing the mother to ingest as she sees fit.

Your baby's placenta is believed to:


-be perfectly made for you
-balance your system 
-replenish depleted iron
-give you more energy
-decrease bleeding postnatally
-been shown to increase milk production
-help you have a happier postpartum period
-promote a shorter healing time
-be helpful during menopause

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