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The                                     of a child is an experience that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Documenting that experience can be transformative and healing for some people too! How amazing would it be to look back on the images with your child and be able to show how powerful and beautiful their birthing parent is! Looking at your birth images can bring back all of those moments, feelings, and emotions that you felt during that special day. Birth is raw, it is emotional, it is intense, and so unbelievably beautiful. 


Birth stories are not posed, prompted, or prepared in advance. They are in the moment, and captured as it happens. Some of these moments may include a photo of your baby's name written on the white board, the repetitive dance you do with your partner, some of the special people you have in your birth space, your intense expressions during each wave, or even the snacks and goodies you brought sitting on the table near you. All of the little moments that don't seem to be important at the time, become important when you go back through your photos! So be present, be in the moment, focus on your baby, forget about your phone or camera and I'll cover that part! 

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