Birth Stories

The birth of your child is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Having photographs to look back on years down the line can bring back all of those amazing memories and emotions that you felt during that special day. Birth is raw, it is emotional, it is intense, and so unbelievably beautiful.


I try to tell your birth story through my lens in a variety of ways. It may include your baby's name written on the white board, the repetitive dance you do with your partner, some of the special people you have in your birth space, expressions, or even the snacks and goodies you brought sitting on the table near you. All of the little moments that don't seem to be important at the time, become important when you go back through your photos! I am so excited to be able to capture your love, support, and strength as you welcome a new member into your family. 

*The fee includes 24 hour on call availability beginning around 37 weeks until you give birth, presence and coverage of your birth story from active labor until about 1-2 hours after birth, you will receive a "sneak peek" images within 24 hours on my facebook page so you can share with your friends and family right away! Canvas prints, photo cards, and layflat books may be added on.

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I'm interested, what's next?

Fill out the form on the contact page, and let me know what you are looking for! Once I get your initial email, we can set up a no obligation meet and greet to chat at a convenient location. Before inviting anyone into your birth space, you want to make sure you get a good vibe from that person, I am no exception.

Deposit and Fees

A $500 deposit is due at the time you sign the contract, this is to hold your due date on my calendar. I am only able to take on so many clients per month due to being on call. The remaining balance is due at or before 37 weeks gestation.


Planned vaginal delivery or scheduled induction of labor

I will be on call for your birth 24/7 from 37 weeks on. If you are planning to have a scheduled induction or cesarean, please let me know immediately so I can plan that date accordingly. You will need to keep me updated via telephone or text when you leave for the hospital and upon admission. My goal is to be at your place of delivery or labor before mom hits the point where she can no longer speak on the phone. If you are being checked for dilation, please keep me posted with your progress. I will stay with you through the rest of your labor/birth, and 1 hour post birth to document weight, footprints, family/baby interaction, etc.


Unexpected Events

Birth is an amazing and unpredictable at times.  Sometimes unexpected situations arise, such as preterm birth, cesarean section, and maternal or newborn health concerns. In these cases, I will attempt to take photos wherever hospital policy and/or family allows. In the case of cesarean, please check with your doctor or hospital to see if photography would still be allowed. If I am not allowed in the operating room, then I would offer a Fresh 48 or lifestyle newborn session in place of birth photos. 

How to book your birth

Don't delay, contact me as soon as possible! I book only two clients per calendar month. I would love to arrange a no-obligation meeting with you and your family in a location that works best for you, and chat about your plans and hopes for your birth.


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