{Maternity} The Zaki Family

Back in 2017, while living in New Jersey, I finally met a mom friend that totally got me!! We had so much in common...we both had c-sections and vbacs, we both had 2 boys, and we were both passionate about birth and photography, and so much more! We clicked over all the things and she is STILL the person I go to for advice, chats, and I miss her dearly.

Jaimie became pregnant with her 3rd child and found out her hubby would be deploying shortly after her due date. With that news, she would make the best of the time she had with her husband and family together. I decided to take them out to a gorgeous location, dressed Jaimie up in one of my new Chicaboo gowns (ask about it in my client closet ;P ), and we got some fun and amazingly beautiful images of her sweet family. She is so strong, resilient, and an absolute rock star mom. Tune in next time for her birth photos (or next year at the rate I post these blogs :D )



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