{A Birth Story} Not One Nugget, but TWO!

Vaginal birth of twins...I'll say it louder...VAGINAL BIRTH OF TWINS!! Being pregnant with multiples doesn't always mean they have limited options or they have to be born by cesarean. If babies and mama are healthy and having a low risk pregnancy, a vaginal birth is not off the table if you want one!

Enter in one EXTREMELY informed and determined mama!! When I met Sierra, she radiated beauty, confidence, and determination! We met at Starbucks for our initial consult and started chatting about life, faith, birth, family, and her desire for a vaginal birth. She knew she could do it and I instantly felt a connection with her! I am so grateful our paths crossed because I got to witness one extremely empowered and strong AF mama! Sierra, your birth with be forever etched in my soul!

I got the initial call at 7:15pm on Friday night saying her water had ruptured...at Chick-fil-A (their favorite spot and a common theme throughout their pregnancy, birth, and life 😜)! Her contractions picked up and they headed right to the hospital, Chic-fil-A cups in hand! I arrived to her laying on her side in bed, breathing beautifully through each wave. She didn't really want to be touched or talked to during her contractions. So her husband, her mother, and I stood by her side, softly spoke positive affirmations, cheered her on, and I knew she was super close! About 30 minutes later she was wheeled into the OR to have her babies! I threw dad my camera, gave him a quick rundown of what to do, and I am so glad I did because he nailed it!!



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