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I was so grateful to have Samantha on our birth team! We were going for our second VBAC for the birth of our 3rd daughter and upon meeting her, knew Samantha was the right fit. Just the right balance of calm and healthy inspiration, she was able to help me get to a place where I was excited about going through the birthing process this time around (as opposed to the fearful/apprehensive outlook I had with the birth of my first daughter.) Samantha is a wealth of knowledge!  Each time we met she gave us concrete information as well as resources to take away that helped plan for the birth of our child. I highly recommend Samantha. Thanks to her guidance and resources, I was able to relax and remain calm and our 3rd daughter was born naturally in a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by love.

Colleen + Brian

I knew when we found out that we were having twins that my ideal birth was going to be difficult to obtain.. Thankfully, I had seen Sam recommended on our local Facebook pages! There were a couple of other doulas mentioned, but she seemed to be highly recommended. I contacted her as soon as I had my first OB appointment, knowing I needed all the help I could get as a first time mother to get through labor and delivery without meds.. I also knew I wanted to have my whole experience documented, and she offered photography packages in addition to her doula services.

I knew from our first meeting at Starbucks that she was the person for us- there was no reason to even meet or consult with any other doulas! Meeting up with her after officially hiring her was something I always looked forward to. She’s such an easy going, well informed, positive person! I felt more and more with each meeting that I would be able to have a birth like I’d always hoped for.

Our maternity photos turned out incredible, and when the day of delivery came, Sam was by my side as quickly as possible. I had an insanely short labor and delivery, and they only allowed my husband to be with me during my pushing phase in the OR, but Sam entrusted her camera to him because she knew how important shots in the delivery room were to me. She stayed with us to make sure we got some great family shots in recovery. Because our L&D was so short, she even came to snag a few Fresh 48 shots for us! Our newborn photos were fantastic as well.

I couldn’t possibly say enough nice things about Sam & how supported I felt. I knew I could do it and get through labor because of how much confidence she helped to instill in me. Thank you so much, Sam! I may have been lost without you!


I highly recommend Sam as a birth doula. She had a lot of positive energy and is a great person to have in your corner during pregnancy and birth.

Sam was my doula for my third child born at home with a midwife. She supported me throughout my pregnancy with helpful reminders on how to remain physically and emotionally healthy. 

Sam went above and beyond providing me with copies of daily exercises to help maintain a good baby position. She was responsive when I contacted her with questions or updates from my midwife appointments. As a mom of two toddlers, Sam was great about working around our schedule to find times to meet. 

My birth was so quick that Sam arrived just as the baby came out! I had a 90 minute labor and we were lucky the midwives got there in time. Sam was supportive as soon as she arrived snapping photos, making me a placenta smoothie and sharing in laughs over how quickly the baby came.

Sam also provided newborn photography and placenta encapsulation for me. I loved that she took care of the placenta in my home instead of transporting it to and from her own kitchen. She created a beautiful placenta image and made me pills and a tincture to help me avoid postpartum depression. 

Thank you Sam for helping make this journey so wonderful!

Kendra M.

Future Mommy and Daddy,
Sam is the doula that want at your birth! She provided amazing services for my family and I during the birth of my son! We met for two prenatal visits that included Sam educating me on pregnancy and the birthing process. We developed a birthing plan that was based on what I wanted for the birth of my child. During my labor Sam was an amazing advocate and kept me on track with my plan! She is also amazing on providing drugfree interventions for pain management! She kept me focused and never left my side. Sam, was also an amazing coach on guiding my husband through the birth! She received many compliments from the labor and delivery nurses. I hope Sam is around for my next delivery! Thank you for your amazing services!

Michael Ann

Samantha and I connected the first time we met and I knew I wanted her as my Doula for kid number two! She made me feel very comfortable and was very relatable. She listened to all my concerns.  Samantha was my second Doula I ever hired ( I had one for the birth of my daughter ) What I loved and was impressed by was Samantha’s ability to teally get me and my concerns/choices/fears. She had TONS of information and things I had not even considered the first time around, things my first Doula didn’t even give me as an option. She is a wealth of knowledge! Samantha did everything I asked of her and more. She also took wonderful lovely photos of my son being born that I will always cherish. if You are looking for a Doula she is your girl!!! 

Kalee T.

Samantha was more than just a doula to me she was a friend. As a first time mom about to go into labor I was so scared. Unfortunately the birth of my baby boy did not go as planned but when Samantha arrived I had a huge sense of safety and comfort come over me. She set the mood and put me in a relax state of mind and kept me in focus. She reminded me to breathe and relax. 

Priscilla S.


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